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If you are experiencing domestic abuse, you have specific rights to housing.

We know it can be difficult to access housing in London. If you’ve experienced domestic abuse you have specific rights which include access to emergency housing. We work with specialist housing organisations to make sure you get the advice you need. Our advocates can advise you on your housing rights, signpost you to the appropriate local authority housing departments and advocate on your behalf with housing officers.

Housing law can be complex, but don’t let this put you off seeking help. We can support you to have your voice heard and access what you are entitled to. We can also introduce you to specialist organisations to help with your housing rights.

It’s important to get advice because your rights will depend on:

  • The type of housing you live in – council, private rented or owned.
  • The legal status of your relationship – married, civil partnership or living together.
  • Whether you have children.
  • If you want to stay in your home and have your abuser removed, or leave.

Help from the local authority (council)

Your local authority should have trained staff to support survivors of domestic abuse. Their homeless service has a duty to help you find accommodation. They can also work with other local authorities if it’s not safe for you to stay in the same area.

If you’re not sure which local authority to contact, use this postcode search.

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