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How we can help

When you contact LVWS, we will:

  • give the immediate information you need and check whether your safety is at risk
  • help you decide if you need more support
  • refer you to a caseworker for ongoing support, if needed.

If you are referred for ongoing support, a caseworker will:

  • contact you within two working days
  • make sure that you know how to contact them
  • give you time and space to talk about what you’ve experienced, and how it has affected different areas of your life
  • answer any questions you may have about the support we offer or the justice system
  • identify the right support for you and your circumstances
  • agree the next steps with you.

Contact us whenever you’re ready to get support.

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Our service directory helps you find local organisations to support you. It’s easy to use, just enter your area or postcode and then select the type of support you need.

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