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Types of domestic abuse

Call 999 and ask for the police if a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger.

At LVWS, we want to make sure that anyone experiencing domestic abuse in London has the information and support they need. It can be difficult to recognise the signs of abuse from someone you are close to, and even more difficult to seek help.

It’s important to know that it’s not your fault, you are never to blame for the abuse that’s happening to you. You’ve taken a courageous first step to find this website, and the team at LVWS is here to support you.

You may be unsure whether the behaviour of your partner – or someone else you live with – is abusive. There are different types of abuse, not all domestic abuse is physical. Try to think about whether your relationship causes you to feel:

  • scared or trapped
  • physically hurt
  • pressured to engage in sexual activity
  • isolated from your friends or support network
  • lacking in self-confidence or self-worth
  • depressed or suicidal
  • financially restricted
  • that you have no control of your own decisions, or day to day life.

Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, you can get in touch by phone or start a live chat. Our specialist team is on hand to listen, advise and help you understand what you’re going through.

We won’t judge your situation tell you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We will explain how we can help, whether you’re ready to take the next step or not.

Online support

My Support Space is a free, online hub of information and resources. You will find sections on all different types of crime, including domestic abuse.

You can access an interactive questionnaire to help you spot the signs of abuse in your own relationship, and much more. It’s easy to register and you can complete the interactive guides at your own pace.