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We understand how distressing it can be to experience a burglary. If your home has been burgled and you’re struggling emotionally, you can contact us for support. We can also send you alarms and other security devices, to help make your home safer.

We’ve put together some tips to protect your home from burglars:

  • Lock doors, even when you’re at home.
  • Fit window locks.
  • Use window restrictors if you like to sleep with the window open.
  • Make sure that keys and other valuables are out of sight and away from the letterbox.
  • If you can, install security lights – they often scare off burglars.
  • Ladders and tools can be used to break-in to your home – make sure they’re locked away.
  • Trim tall bushes and plants so burglars can’t use them as hiding places.
  • Don’t hide keys near your front door – burglars will look under plant pots and other obvious places.
  • If you go away, try not to make it obvious. You could use Royal Mail’s keepsafe service – they keep your mail while you’re away so that burglars can’t see a build-up of letters through your letterbox.
  • Consider using timers for your lights when you go away – it makes it look like someone’s at home.
  • Be careful what you share on social media – you could be telling burglars when your home is empty.
  • If you can, install CCTV.
  • Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme – find out more and whether there is a group in your area on their website.

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