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There are a few simple things you can do to feel safer when you’re out and about in London. A bit of forward planning can be helpful, and you may want to think about:

  • letting friends or family know where you’re going and how you’re getting there
  • choosing busy, well-lit routes
  • booking a licensed cab in advance
  • not wearing headphones to help with awareness of your surroundings
  • keeping valuables in different pockets, so they’re not all in one place
  • carrying a safety alarm with you.

Personal safety alarms

We can send you a free safety alarm – just give us a call or start a live chat if you’d like one. Safety alarms are designed to distract an attacker and give you time to get away.

If you can, remember to:

  • hold the alarm as close to the attacker’s face as possible when you set it off
  • drop the alarm by the attacker and escape as quickly as you can
  • if there is anyone nearby, try to attract their attention.

Drink spiking

You can feel the effects of a spiked drink very quickly and it’s common for victims to suffer memory loss. If you’re going out drinking, try to:

  • avoid drinks that haven’t been prepared in front of you
  • never leave your drink unattended
  • be wary of strangers who seem eager to get you a drink
  • stay with your friends
  • get help if a friend seems more drunk than you would expect
  • let your friends know where you’re going – and who you’re with – if you decide to move on without them.

Ask for Angela scheme

This is a scheme to help you keep safe in bars, clubs and other venues around London. Angela is a code word you can use to let staff know that you feel unsafe. You can use it if you’re on a date and something doesn’t feel right. It could also help if you’re getting unwanted attention while you’re out.

If a venue’s supporting the scheme, their staff will be trained on how to help you. This could involve:

  • getting you safely to a licensed cab
  • helping you find the friends you were out with
  • calling the venue security staff
  • calling the police.

Dealing with a violent situation

Violent crimes don’t happen often. In the unlikely event you’re in this situation, it’s helpful to know what you could do. Try to remember:

  • your belongings can be replaced, focus on your own safety
  • trust your instincts and look for a way to leave
  • put as much distance as you can between you and the violent person
  • call 999 as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Street robbery

Most people carry valuables – phones, bank cards, watches and jewellery for example. Try to protect them by:

  • keeping to well-lit, busy routes
  • keeping them hidden or covered
  • not placing them on outside tables at cafes or bars
  • visiting the Metropolitan Police’s website for more advice on how to spot a pickpocket.

Please remember that if you’re threatened with violence by a thief, your personal safety comes first.

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