Supporting young victims of crime in London

The London Children and Young People’s Service is here to support you if you have been affected by a crime. It maybe that it has happened directly to you or something that you have witnessed. It could been something that has happen to someone in your family, a friend or within your community. 

You can get support even if you don’t report the crime to the police. If it happened months or years ago, our offer of support to you is always there for when you are ready. 

Our caseworkers support children and young people aged between 4-17 years old. We'll also support people aged between 18-21 if they feel our service is more appropriate than our adult service. 

In addition to our main service we also have other dedicated services:

We also have a support service for young people aged between 10-24 years old, who are victims or witnesses to youth violence or bereaved through SYV related homicides across London. Each Youth Advocate is assigned a hub borough with a number of satellite boroughs; providing 1-1 support to CYP. Youth Advocates are located within pupil referral units, children homes, schools, youth offending teams and community settings in their hub and satellite boroughs. 

Youth Advocates also provide proactive support within their hub and satellite boroughs where there have been incidents of serious youth violence. They offer individual and group support to all witnesses through the affected community groups, schools and colleges.


How will we support you?

We'll work with you at a pace that suits you, to help you to understand the thoughts and feelings that you're experiencing and know that they're perfectly normal. We will produce a support plan of what we will work through together, to help you to feel better and move forward from the impact of the crime. 

You decide where and when you want to your support to take place. This could be at school, at home or any place that feels safe for you, as well as over the phone.

We can support you getting your voice heard and that you are listened to and advocate on your behalf. 

With your permission, we'll work with other agencies who are already involved and refer you to agencies that you agree will benefit you.

We're here to explain your rights as a victim or witness. If you are required to attend court, we can support you with a pre-trial visit, taking you around a court explaining the whole process, what to expect and answer any questions you may have, reducing any anxiety you may be feeling. After court we are here for you, supporting you with moving forward.

Our service is totally independent and confidential, only broken if there are is any information shared showing any significant harm to you or others. Wherever possible, this will be done with your knowledge and we would support you through this. We'll ensure that all your information is kept safe and only shared with your permission or if required to by court. 

Get in touch 

If you have been affected by a crime and want support from any of our services, contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Call our free and confidential 24 hour Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111 (if you are under 13 we will need to speak with your parent or carer to gain their permission to speak with you and provide support)
  • Text us by adding 18001 before the above phone number
  • Email us by visiting us online at
  • Live chat (24/7). The Live Chat function is provided by Victim Support. Engagement with Victim Support via this facility will be a direct communication with Victim Support and your data will not be held by the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC). Any data provided will be processed by Victim Support in accordance with Victim Support’s Fair Processing Notice here.


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