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We understand that you may feel overwhelmed after experiencing a crime. This is completely normal, and we have a specialist team to help you make sense of what’s happened.

No situation is the same and we all cope with stress and trauma in different ways. We will support you as an individual. The support and advice we give is based on your needs.

Help with all types of crime

Our specially trained team can help victims and witnesses of all types of crime, including:

  • domestic abuse
  • fraud
  • burglary
  • hate crime
  • violent crime
  • and much more.

How we can help

When you contact LVWS, we will:

  • give the immediate information you need and check whether your safety is at risk
  • help you decide if you need more support
  • refer you to a caseworker for ongoing support, if needed.

If you are referred for ongoing support, a caseworker will:

  • contact you within two working days
  • make sure that you know how to contact them
  • give you time and space to talk about what you’ve experienced, and how it has affected different areas of your life
  • answer any questions you may have about the support we offer or the justice system
  • identify the right support for you and your circumstances
  • agree the next steps with you.

Contact us whenever you’re ready to get support.

Specialist support near you

Our service directory helps you find local organisations to support you. It’s easy to use, just enter your area or postcode and then select the type of support you need.

Online support

My Support Space is a free online tool, which is full of resources to help you cope and move forward after a crime. The system guides you towards the information you need, in your own time. It will also remember where you left off, so that you can go back to it whenever you like.

It’s easy to register and set up an account. All of the guides are easy to use and interactive, to help you access the information you need for your individual situation.

There are over 70 guides to choose from, including:

Find support near you